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What are the Duties and Responsibilties of a Boat Operator / Water Vessel Operator in the Ste of Florida? Legal Rights of the Boat Accident Injury Victim What Teens and Children Should Know About Boating Safety? What are the Legal Rights of a Child Injured as a Guest on a Boat? Is a Settlement on Behalf of a Minor in the Best Interests of a Child? What is the Statute of Limitations (Time Limits) for a Child Injury Claim in the State of Florida? What are the Sources for the Payment of Medical Bills When a Child is Injured in a Florida Accident? David Wolf - Child Safety Advocate - Attorney - Author Releases Fourth Book - When the Wheels Stop Spinning What are the Duties and Responsibilities of Babysitters and Caregivers? Legal Rights of the Injured Child - Was the Injury Preventable? Who is Responsible for the Damages / Medical Care? Should a Parent Take the Injured Child to the Emergency Room? Who Pays for the Emergency Room Visit? What is a Common Distraction for Parents and Child Care Providers Leading to Child Injuries? (Hint: It can Text, Browse, & E-Mail) What Fireworks Safety Precautions Should be Taken for the Safety of Children and Others? (Dangers of Neighborhood Fireworks) What Types of Child Injuries are Compensable in Florida? What Medical Providers are Available for Children Needing Care Following an Accident or Personal Injury Incident? What Facts Should Every Parent Know About Hot Cars and Heat Stroke? What are the Laws, Rules, and Regulations for a Settlement on Behalf of a Child in the State of Florida? What are the Dangers of “Hot Cars” in the Summer Time and During Warm Weather Periods? What Measures and Reminders can be Used by Child Care Providers to Remove Children From the Bus, Van, or Vehicle? (Child Safety is Job One) What Riding Toys are Dangerous on or Near Driveways? Answer: All of Them Is a Parent Liable for the Bad Acts (Negligent Acts or Intentional Acts) of a Child Causing Injury to Another Person?