Why is It Important for Children to Play with Age Appropriate Toys and in Playgrounds in Florida Day Care Centers?

Playground Tire Swings EmptyWhy is it important for children to play with age-appropriate toys in an age-appropriate playground Florida day care centers? In Florida, it is important that day care centers and their staff members to provide adequate and timely supervision of children under the care of the day care center. It is important at the day care center provide a sufficient staff to child ratio, maintain the premises the day care in reasonably good repair, and provide that each child with age-appropriate toys and play areas . For example, let's say that a two-year-old is placed on a bicycle or tricycle that is too large for the child's size and age. During play with the item / toy, the child falls and hurts herself. The resulting pesonal injuries included lacerations and a fractured arm. Under this fact pattern, it could be well argued that the day care center was negligent as to supervision of the child and negligent with respect to the age-appropriate this of the toys for the child. With better supervision and equipment, it could be argued that the injuries would have been avoided. The same kind of analysis applies to playgrounds. A toddler should not be permitted to play on the playground for school-aged children which includes higher stairs, monkey bars, and equipment that requires better motor skills and strength than those possessed by a toddler. If a toddler is injured because the child's size as compared with the recommended size for playground use, it could be argued that the negligence of the day care center staff proximately caused the injuries to the child. In other words, the child's injuries would have been prevented if the day care center better assessed the needs and abilities of the child in comparison to the playground's recommended age and size for children.

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