What Should I Do If My Child Is Injured in a Florida Automobile Accident?

Fire Rescue Red Paramedic Vehicle In Florida, children are the unfortunate victims of automobile accidents. When a child is injured in an automobile accident, a parent often times has questions, challenges, and issues as to medical treatment, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss wages and other issues. When faced with these issues, a Florida Personal Injury Attorney / Florida Child Injury Attorney can represent the interests of the injured child and the parents. See Florida Automobile Accident Lawyer.

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If a child is injured as a result of an automobile accident, it is vital that a parent seek medical treatment for the child. This may include treatment through the Emergency Room, an Urgent Care Center, Pediatrician, Orthopedist, Neurologist, and other medical professionals. A Florida personal injury attorney typically is knowledgeable as to the availability of medical care for an injured child when there is an automobile accident. Not all doctors treat automobile accident victims and it is helpful to know which ones accept the automobile insurance otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and which ones do not. There are many insurance issues that can arise with treatment and compensation. The handling of the insurance claim can be done by the Florida personal injury attorney.

First and foremost, it is important that the child receive medical care and attention. If the injuries are serious, immediate transport will be required to a local hospital. After discharge from the hospital, it is important that the child receive follow-up care by specialist for the accident related personal injuries. After the child receives the necessary initial necessary medical treatment, a parent is often faced with the issue of payment of bills. In Florida, automobile insurance policies and coverages can be quite confusing. Florida has a set of "No-Fault" laws in place which govern the upfront payment of medical bills. In most cases, the medical bills of the child are covered under the parents automobile insurance policy even if the parents were not responsible or were not at fault for the accident. Your child may be able to recover damages for personal injuries from his or her parents' automobile insurance policy, the owner of the vehicle's policy, the at-fault driver's policy, and / or the owner of the at fault vehicle. The insurance and automobile accident laws can be quite confusing. Because many automobile insurance policies may apply and the laws can be confusing and complicated, it is often times helpful to have the advice, representation, and benefit of a Florida child injury lawyer to guide a parent through the process of an insurance or legal claim.

In Old Town, Florida, a tragic automobile accident was recently reported. Three-month-old Jacob Patterson suffered personal injuries in Old Town Florida automobile accident. The Gainesville Sun reported that Jacob Patterson was a passenger in a parked vehicle that was hit or sideswiped by another vehicle driven by relatives of Jacob. The incident took place on Smith Road near Old Town. As a result of the impact of the vehicle , Jacob was ejected from the vehicle and suffered serious personal injuries. No parent or family member can ever be prepared for the aftermath of an accident or the injuries like the ones suffered by Jacob Patterson. If you have a child who has been injured as a result of the negligence or fault of another person, contact a Florida child injury lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation.