What Should Drivers Keep in Mind on Halloween?

Halloween Jack O Lantern Child Safety This is a very basic and important question to address. What should drivers keep in mind on Halloween? The key concept to keep in mind is the following: IT'S HALLOWEEN. Yes, this simple statement is the most important thing for drivers to keep in mind on Halloween. Of course, there is more to driving safely than just merely remembering that it is Halloween. Halloween is a wonderful and fun holiday; however, it is also a holiday filled with danger especially in residential neighborhoods. Throughout the day and especially in the evening and night time hours, residential streets and neighborhoods are filled with little ghosts, goblins, super heroes, etc. . . . Children often do not recognize the dangers of being on or near a street or driver way. This is especially true on Halloween when it appears that children rule the neighborhood. With the promised delivery of candy and other goodies, children are so excited on Halloween that they often forget about everything else including the presence of vehicles. Halloween is not a time to merely obey the posted speed limits and road signs. It is a time to drive well below the speed limits and spend a few extra seconds and minutes to make sure that there are no children or adults for that matter in the way of danger. If possible, motorists should remain at home or at one location for the duration of Halloween. If you do not need to go out on Halloween, stay at home and hand out candy and / or watch your favorite television show or movie. If you drive during Halloween, drive with the utmost of caution especially in residential neighborhoods. If you are backing out of a driveway or other area, try to get another adult to guide you outside of the vehicle and make sure that children are clear from the area.

Parents of tricker or treaters should escort their children and make sure that they wear bright color clothes, have a flashlight, and otherwise watch out of traffic and vehicles in the neighborhood. Halloween should be a holiday filled with treats and fun. Watch out for children and trick or treaters of all ages on Halloween. Remember, IT'S HALLOWEEN.