What if My Child is a Victim of a Crime at or Near a Day Care Center or School? What are the Legal Rights of the Injured Child?

education school day care black chalkboard with letters capital and small letters In Florida and other States, children should be safe and well protected at or near schools or day care centers. Unfortunately, many children are injured every year as a result of a criminal, abusive, and / or negligent acts. Some acts are unforeseeable and could not have been prevented even with reasonable and necessary safety precautions in place. Other incidents, however, could have been prevented with better planning, supervision, maintenance, and security of the day care center or school. The primary mission or goal of each and every school, employee, administrator, aide, caregiver, and others should be the best interest of the children. Local and State rules and regulations should be followed. Furthermore, facility policies and procedures should also be followed as well. In addition, common sense and due diligence are very important concepts that should be kept in mind at all times when caring for children.

At times, there is criminal activity that affects the safety or well being of children enrolled in the school or day care center. Some criminal acts are even committed by the very people hired to care for the children including but not limited to teachers, aides, counselors, coaches, care providers, and others. Other criminal acts take place at or near the day care center by third parties like shootings, assaults, and other bad acts.

Day care centers and schools should be safe havens for children. When children are injured as a result of an accident or incident, there may be a claim or case to pursue on behalf of the injured child. Each case should be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances.

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