What Happens When There are Mutliple Deaths or Personal Injuries Claimants From a Florida Automobile Accident or Crash?

Interstate 95 In the State of Florida, just one crash can change the lives of many people and families. This is especially true when there are multiple deaths or multiple claimants involved with a traffic crash. There are many issues and challenges to a case involving one injured person or party. The issues are compounded when there are multiple victims, injuries, and claims.

For most personal injury claims or cases, the amount and type of automobile insurance often come into play and require a close evaluation and study. It is important for a personal injury victim and / or the family of the personal injury victim to retain the services of an experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorney to determine the rights of the victim, the rights of the family, and the recommended courses of action. It should be noted that there is a big difference between the legal rights of the victim and the practical options or practical resolution of a case. For instance, let's assume that a person suffers a fractured leg requiring surgery and an extended hospitalization. Let's further assume that the reasonable value for such a case is $450,000. The at-fault driver had an automobile insurance policy with a bodily injury policy limit of $50,000. As such, the total amount of liability insurance in place for this particular claim was $50,000. Under these facts and circumstances, the fair value of the case is $450,000; however the practical resolution of the case may end up being the $50,000 policy limits. Again, there is a difference between the legal rights of the personal injury victim and the practical resolution of the case.

On Interstate 95 near Titusville, Florida, there was a recent fatal crash that was reported by news and media outlets. The crash ended the lives of three young girls who were ejected from the vehicle. It was reported that there were 11 people occupying the vehicle that was manufactured with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers / occupants. A tire problem caused the Dodge Durrango SUV to go off off the road and then the SUV flipped several times. Certainly, this tragic crash will have a ripple effect through the family, neighborhood, and community.

It should be noted that there are specific laws in effect for Florida Automobile Accidents and Florida Automobile Insurance. Florida has a “No-Fault” set of laws in place. Many people get confused by the term “No-Fault”. This does not mean that a negligent driver cannot be held liable or responsible for the personal injuries caused by his or her negligent driving. “No-Fault” laws merely govern how medial expenses are covered through PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and how the entitlement and pursuit of non-economic damages work. Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. For Florida Wrongful Death cases, the types of damages recoverable include past medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of net accumulations, and the pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of serves to the surviving family members who qualify as survivors under the Florida Wrongful Death Act. It is difficult to explain and summarize all of the “moving parts” associated with a personal injury case or a wrongful death case.

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