What Happens if a Child is Injured While Riding a Bicycle in the State of Florida?

Bicycle - Black Outline Florida has good weather year round that allows for outdoor play including bike riding. In most every neighborhood and community, you will find children on bicycles riding through the streets, traveling to school, and just cruising around the neighborhood. It is important that all motorists/drivers pay close attention while driving to be especially careful anywhere there are children present. Young children often do not recognize the dangers on the roadway, parking lots, and drivewaas. Many children lack judgment as to speed, distance, safety. While a child should exercise his or her best safety practices, it is truly up to the drivers out of the community and on the roads to watch out for children. Unfortunately and tragically in some instances, children suffer serious personal injuries and even die as a result of a bicycle accident.

What happens when a child is injured as a result of a bicycle accident from a legal perspective in the state of Florida? There are many moving parts or facets to a bicycle accident case involving a child. It is important that a parent to get educated, get advice, and proceed carefully when dealing with the aftermath of a bicycle accident.

A parent should contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and representation when necessary. There are a host of issues or challenges that present to it dealing with a bicycle injury matter including the following:

  • Where should my child received medical care?
  • How is the medical care going to be paid for?
  • What insurance applies when there is a bicycle accident?
  • Is my automobile insurance going to cover any of the medical bills even though my automobile was involved in the incident?
  • What insurance did the driver have?
  • What if the other driver received a citation?
  • What if the other driver did not receive a citation?
  • How much compensation is my child entitled to for the bicycle accident related injuries?

There are many other issues, questions and challenges present themselves in any given bicycle accident case. A good resource for these questions and others is the book titled - When the Wheels Stop Spinning - Legal Rights of the Injured Child - What Need to Know Following an Accident. The book has chapters on Automobile Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Insurance, Wrongful Death, and other topics. You can get this book for free at When the Wheel Stop Spinning.