What Automobile Insurance Benefits is a Child Entitled to After a Florida Automobile Accident?

Vehicle Car Keys Alarm Black When a child is injured as a result of an automobile accident, a parent is faced with many issues and challenges. In most instances, a parent must deal with the following issues: automobile insurance, medical bills, compensation, and other matters. Automobile insurance in the State of Florida is mandated under Florida law. Florida has a No-Fault system in place that deals with some (but not all of) insurance matters and payments. In the State of Florida, every owner of a registered vehicle must carry PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance and property damage insurance. All other forms of insurance are optional under Florida law in obtaining automobile insurance.

Many people believe that they have a "full" coverage under an automobile insurance policy. There really is no such thing as full coverage. There is a minimum mandatory coverage and then the optional coverage that an automobile owner chooses to have him pay for damages, bills, or costs associated with an automobile accident. Furthermore, insurance coverages have different policy limits depending on the premium selected. Finally in some instances, a person has an umbrella policy which increases the amount of bodily injury and uninsured motorist coverage across the board.

When a child is injured as a result of an automobile accident the coverages and benefits that a child may be entitled to depending on the facts, circumstances, medical treatment, injuries and damages sustained as a result of the accident. Because insurance issues and compensation matters can be quite complex and are often challenged by the insurance companies, it is often times helpful for a parent to contact a Florida Automobile Accident lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation. The book titled - When the Wheels Stop Spinning - Legal Rights of the Injured Child - What Parents Should Know After the Accident - has chapters on General Legal Issues, Insurance Laws and Coverages, Compensation, Bodily Injury Insurance, Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Personal Injury Protection, Wrongful Death, and other topics. You can get this book for free at When the Wheels Stop Spinning.