What are the Risks and Dangers of Online Chats and Contact From Child Predators?

Technology Keyboard Close Up Grey Slim Keys The age of the Internet has brought a whole new risk or danger into the homes of most children and families - predators using online chats and communications to lure children. Because these risks, parents should take efforts to put restrictions and to supervise the use of the computer / internet by children. It should be noted that child predators are very shifty, clever, and lack impulse control when it comes to luring and enticing children into dangerous and life changing situations. Children lack the ability to consent from a legal, moral, and developmental standpoint.

Law enforcement officials, at times, are able to catch child predators who attempt to meet with children and then molest, assault, and rape them. Since the chats are online and saved for evidence, it can be most difficult for a child predator to defend himself or herself from the allegations that the child predator had the intent to assault / rape a child who the child predator made contact with. Like other criminal cases, the Defendant will be entitled to the representation of a criminal defense attorney or the public defender's office. When a child predator is caught and prosecuted, it does make one wonder how many other crimes were committed by the child predator and how many more crimes would be committed if the child predator was out in the community.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) reported the recent arrest of a 24 year old man who was accused of having the intent to meet with and have sex with a 10 year old girl. You can read more about this disturbing story and the FBI's fine undercover efforts to arrest this man at FBI - Man Wanted to Have Sex with Girls.

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