What are the Rights of Parents When a College Student Dies as a Result of an Automobile Accident?

Fire Rescue Red Paramedic VehicleIn the State of Florida, a person is considered an "adult" for a number of legal purposes when the person reaches the age of 18. While a person may be 18 years old and considered an adult for a number of purposes, the person does not stop at the point in time of the 18th birthday of being a son or daughter. The bond of a parent and child certainly continues well beyond the 18th birthday. Once a child graduates high school, many are fortunate enough through hard work and long hours of study of being able to attend college. For many, the future is bright for a young adult who puts in the time and effort to attend college, increase his or her knowledge base, and graduate with a college degree. It seems for some that the opportunities are many in number. When a college student dies in an automobile accident as a result of the negligence of others, the dreams are dismantled and grief and dispair set in for the parents and other family members. It is tragic that a young adult with such a bright future dies on or near Florida roadways due to the negligence of others. Many of these accidents are certainly avoidable especially those that involve a DUI or the action of drinking and driving on the part of the at fault driver / party.

When a college student or other person dies in the State of Florida as a result of the negligence of another person, a case can be pursued pursuant to the Florida Wrongful Death Act. For purposes of the Florida Wrongful Death Act, a "minor child" is defined as a child under the age of 25 years old. As such, the parent of a child who dies as a result of the negligence of others can pursue a case or claim for the pain, suffering, loss of companionship, loss of services, and other damages related to the wrongful death.

Florida Wrongful Death cases can be quite complicated. Because of this, it is important for a parent to contact a Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation. The book titled - When a Parent's World Goes From Full to Empty - The Wrongful Death of a Child - What You Need to Know About The Florida Wrongful Death Act. This book covers issues including the steps needed to file a lawsuit, the role of the personal representative of the estate, damages recoverable, life expectancy, and other issues. You can get this book for free at From Full to Empty.

In addition to the laws and statutes on point, a Child Injury Lawyer will also evaluate the type and availability of liability and automobile insurance in place available to cover the damages associated with the particular case. There are both legal and practical issues to consider when handling a Florida Wrongful Death Case.