Dominic Andrews Death at Day Care Center – Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Florida Day Care Centers

Education School Day Care Building Block YDominic Andrews died at Jomida Learning Center in Homestead, Florida (Miami-Dade County). When a parent drops off a child at a day care center, a parent expects that the child is cared for in a safety, healthy, and supervised learning environment that serves the best interest of the child. This is not only common sense but it also the law. Florida Day Care Centers are regulated by the Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code. There are laws and regulations in place as to indoor supervision, outdoor supervision, medications, transportation, attendance, medications, and many other aspects of day care and child care in and around the facility. The Florida Day Care Center has a duty to comply with the various Florida Administrative Code and Florida Statute provisions. Compliance is mandated. Facilities that follow the rules and regulations generally are able to avoid or prevent serious personal injuries or death to a child. Unfortunately and tragically in many instances, Florida Day Care Centers violates the law and / or takes short cuts and actions to save money at the expense of the child's health, safety and well-being.

The Florida Department of Children and Families and local law enforcement are investigating the death of Dominic Andrews who was only 18 months old at the time of his death. See Questions Remain In Toddler's Death At Day Care Homicide Detectives Investigate Child's Death.

The investigation will address the following issues and other issues in an attempt to determine the cause and preventability of this child's death:

  • What time did Dominic Andrews arrive at the facility?
  • What documentation was written as to the arrival and supervision of Dominic Andrews?
  • How many children (including Dominic Andrews) were being cared for at the Florida Day Care Center?
  • How many children was Jomida Learning Center licensed to care for at the child care facility?
  • What was the staff-to-children ratio on the day of the incident?
  • Did the facility violate any Florida laws or regulations on the day of the incident as to the care and supervision of Dominic Andrews?
  • What were the results of the autopsy of Dominic Andrews?
  • Was the death of Dominic Andrews preventable?

When dealing with a tragedy of a child's death, the parents and family of Dominic Andrews will need the love and support of their close friends, church, and community. All the support in the world will not bring the child back to live but will help the family try to cope with the loss which will never ever be forgotten for the life time of the surviving family members.

You can read more information on Florida Day Care Centers at Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Florida Day Care Centers and the Florida Law. You can also receive a free copy of the book - The ABCs of Child Injury - Legal Rights of the Injured Child - What Every Parent Should Know. There are Chapters on Damages / Compensation, Day Center Injuries, and School Injuries. See also Florida Day Care Centers - What Rules / Laws Apply to Driver's Logs and Transporting of Children?