Day Care Center - Leaving an Infant in a Car Seat - No Excuses . . . Only Grief - Wrongful Death of a Child

Day Care Center Negligence Florida has warm weather virtually year round. While this makes Florida a destination state for many tourists, it also makes Florida a dangerous place for infants and toddlers left in a day care center van. Tragically, a children die or are injured as a result of the negligence of a day care center and its staff. While some incidents and injuries are unforeseen and unpreventable, leaving a child in a day care center van is one such avoidable accident.

In 2010, I published my first book titled - The ABCs of Child Injury - Legal Rights of the Injured Child - What Every Parent Should Know. On Page 40 of the book is the following topic:

What Should Day Care Centers Do to Prevent Injuries Resulting from Leaving Children Unattended in a Vehicle? 

The topic contains simple steps to follow that can and do prevent injuries too children. Tip #2 is as follows:

Have a checklist which is consistently followed at the end of any transport of children. Double and triple check the list to make sure that every child is removed form the vehicle, bus, or van.

While we live in an age of technology, a simple checklist combined with a visual inspection or sweep of the van or bus would absolutely prevent tragedies from taking place.

A recent tragedy took place in Jacksonville, Florida. It was reported that a 5 month old child died from what appears to be exposed to heat in the back of day care center van. Due to the circumstances of the death, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is completing an investigation. It is also anticipated that there will be an autopsy on the child.

Parents rely on day care centers as safe havens for their children. To keep the child out of harm’s way, common sense and due diligence can go a long way. Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with distractions and inattention. If you commit to work as a day care center worker or owner, it is vital that you stay focused on the tasks at hand. The safety and well being of the child are paramount to any other concerns or distractions.

There are no words that adequately describe the grief of a parent following the untimely and preventable death of a child. While the investigation is pending for the 5 month old who died recently in Jacksonville, Florida, the incident is a reminder of the dangers that are out there in the State of Florida for infants and children left in day care center vans.

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