Zero Gravity Gymnastics: Where Are You? Parents and Students Are Looking for a Refund and Explanation


Zero Gravity Gymnastics was a gym located in South Daytona (Volusia County) Florida. Parents paid tuition to the gym and owner in April 2011 only to later discover that the gym had been boarded up and the owner difficult to locate. Parents later lodged complaints with the South Daytona Police Department. Police are conducting a criminal investigation into the gym and the owner. One of the issues in the criminal investigation is whether the closing of the gym was planned. In other words, what was the intent of the owner? Did the owner know when she collected the tuition that she would not be able to provide the gym space or the instruction for the children at the gym? Some of the parents believe that the gymnastics owner shut down the school and left down taking the tuition money with her. Police are investigating the owner, Chyrstal Hinchliffe, to determine if there was a crime committed by the owner. Many of the disgruntled parents have joined together to set up a Facebook page for support and information regarding Zero Gravity Gymnastics. The parents named the Facebook page – Survivors of Zero Gravity Gymnastics. See ‘Survivors’ of Closed Gymnastics School Come Together as Investigation Continues in South Daytona (Volusia County) Florida.