You Tube Video Leads to Arrest in Volusia County Florida – 14 Year Old Shown Hitting Another Student


A video posted on the popular website YouTube has led to the arrest of a 14-year-old middle school student in Volusia County, Florida. According to authorities the video depicts the beating of another 13-year-old student. The student who was arrested was able to be identified because of the video. The victim’s father saw the video while browsing the Internet. After viewing the video, the victim’s father called his son’s school, Galaxy Middle School, to inform them of the video. School officials talked to the victim who finally told them about the beating; the victim was hesitant to initially tell school officials because he did not want to get into trouble. Volusia County Sheriff’s officials have removed the video from YouTube and charged the identifiable attacked with battery, he was eventually released to his parents. Officials say the battle was apparently over a female the 13-year-old victim used to date and is now dating the accused attacker. For more read YouTube beating video leads to arrest of Volusia County, Florida middle school student.

Physical violence inflicted upon others invades an individual’s right to be free from bodily harm. Any person who willfully and intentionally inflicts personal injuries onto other subjects themselves to being prosecuted criminally, as well as civilly in order for the victim to obtain compensation for the personal injuries suffered.

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