Sex Offender Are Subject to Restrictions on Halloween – Florida Department of Corrections


Halloween is a day and night filled with joyful children tricker or treating through neighborhoods. It also brings with it some real dangers. On such danger is the possible contact of sex offenders with children. The State of Florida Probation Officers know the dangers and propensities of sex offenders very well. As such, probation officers have issued restrictions to sex offenders when dealing with children on Halloween. The restrictions also apply to the sex offender’s roommates and family members. These restrictions include the following:

*Do not give out candy or anything else to children;

*Close blinds and turn off porch lights;

*Refrain from decorated the outside of the house to attract children during Halloween;

*Do not answer the door to any trick or treaters;

*Do not dress up in a costume, masks, or any other type of disguise; and

*Do not go to any Halloween parties where children will be around.

Probation officers will be monitoring sex offenders and will be conducting surpise visits and drive bys to make sure that the sex offenders are complying with the mandates of the above restrictions.

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