Florida City (Deltona) Bans Sex Offender from City Parks


The central Florida city of Deltona recently passed a unanimous ordinance to ban sex offenders from all city / municipal parks. Sex offenders must stay away from any park owned, operated, maintained, or controlled by the city. This ordinance goes hand in hand with similar local, city, county, and State laws that forbid sex offenders from going within a certain distance of schools and other areas where children tend to congregate or go. A similar measure was passed in Woodfin, North Carolina. This measure / ordinance was challenged and brought before the North Carolina Supreme Court which upheld the measure / ordinance. Of course, the laws in North Carolina differ from those in the State of Florida. As such, it is uncertain which way the Supreme Court of Florida would rule on such a matter. I do believe that Deltona’s ordinance serves a very important public interest or concern – the safety of our children.

You can read about this story at Ban on Sex Offenders at City Park in Deltona Florida.