Wrongful Death Judgment in Millions May Be Tough to Collect

Robert Blake, an actor who is best known as Baretta, was sued by the family of the mother of his child. The family obtained a judgment of $30 Million which was ultimately reduced to $15 million.


That sound like a lot of money. Unfortunately for the family of Bonny Lee Bakley, Mr. Blake filed for bankruptcy. As such, it is uncertain if the family will collect anything through this lawsuit. Mr. Blake’s attorney claims that the actor has not assets since Mr. Blake has not paid his own attorney fees. The Blake case illustrates that headlines and judgments can be misleading. It is nice to get such a large verdict; however, it will not do the family of Bonny Lee Bakely much good. It is important in civil cases (especially wrongful death cases) to have the advice of a lawyer who can guide you through the process. Can the judgment be collected? Is there insurance that will cover all or a portion of the judgment? These are very important issues to address at the beginning of the case to determine if it is practical to pursue such a case. The attorney representing the Bakley family may have taken the case all the way through trial for the publicity. You can read more about this interesting case at
$30 million wrongful-death judgment against Robert Blake Cut.

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