Woman Turns in Husband and Father in Law for Possession of Child Pornography on Computer in Auburndale, Florida


Child pornography crimes are sometimes committed by members of the same household. In Auburndale, Florida, a woman (Dani Stump) turned in her husband (Roger Stump) and her father in law (Wesley Stump) for possession of child pornography. Dani found child pornography photos and videos on the family computer. Dani contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Office who later seized the computer and arrested the men. Both men were registered sex offenders from prior criminal acts. Dani Stump was faced with a difficult decision in turning in family members. Mrs. Stump chose the safety of children and decency over any family ties in making this important decision. You can read more about this story at Polk County Florida Sheriff’s Office Arrests Registered Sex Offenders with Child Pornography on Computer.