Winter Haven, Florida – Mom (Ronkeya Holmes) from Savannah, Georgia and Daughter (Masaraha Ross) Missing after Trip to Florida


Ronkeya Holmes travelled to Florida recently to pick up her three-year-old daughter, Masaraha Ross, from the child’s father, a resident of Winter Haven, Florida. The child was staying with the father while Ms. Holmes attended classes at a Savannah technical college. The father, who is not named, has told police that he met Ms. Holmes in a Haines City, Florida Wal-Mart parking lot to turn over the child. Police have not found any evidence or witnesses to confirm the man’s story.

Ms. Holmes’ car has been discovered by investigators, with her luggage and several children’s items on the seats. The FBI is involved in the case, and the woman’s family has taken up the search as well, personally coming to Florida to search for clues. The family members say they will not rest until they find out what happened to Ms. Holmes and little Masaraha.

Parents should always be prepared with an action plan in case their child goes missing. They should have critical information such as a recent photo and the child’s height and weight to give to investigators. This is especially important when a family is travelling, as it may be difficult or impossible to retrieve the information from your home when you are far away. In this case it was made even more difficult, as the mother has disappeared along with her child. Luckily Ms. Holmes’ family was able to take a very active role in the case and has provided the necessary information to aid investigators.

Polk County Crime Stoppers is asking for anyone with knowledge about the missing mother and daughter to call 1-800-226-TIPS.

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