Why Is Driving on Jacksonville Beaches Dangerous to Toddlers and Other Children?


In Jacksonville, Florida and other coastal cities and towns, beach driving is permitted. Beach driving can be and is dangerous to pedestrians who are toddlers and other children. Unfortunately, many children have been injured in automobile / pedestrian accidents on Florida beaches in cities and towns that permit beach driving. The beach should be a location that is safe for children while they play or run around on the beach. Of course, there are significant risks of drowning for small children in the ocean even with the presence of lifeguards; however, the beach itself should be relatively safe place for children. Of course, the beach becomes much more dangerous when beach driving is allowed. In areas where beach driving is important, it is vital that drivers slow down and pay close attention to any and all children or near the beach area. While there are benefits to having beach driving and access in place, it is my opinion that the risk of injury to small children far outweigh any of the so called benefits of beach driving.

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A recent incident of a pedestrian / automobile accident on a Florida beach was recently reported in Jacksonville, Florida. The accident / incident took place at Huguenot Memorial Park which is located on Hecksher Drive in Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida. The Florida Times Union reported that child younger than the age of 2 was hit by a motor vehice on the beach. See Child Hit by Car on Jacksonville Florida Beach. The injuries required transport to a local hospital but they were not life threatening injuires.

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