Why Did Haile Brockington (Age 2 1/2 Years Old) Die in Katie’s Kids Learning Center Van? Legal Rights and Responsibilties


In Delray Beach, Florida, a 2 1/2 year old girl, Haley Brockington, was the unfortunate victim of a tragic death. It was reported in the Palm Beach Post and other news sources that the child was left in a day care van for up to 6 hours before she was found. The brutal heat of Florida’s summer can cause the death of a child in a much shorter time. Due to the age of the child and circumstances of her death, an autopsy will be performed to determine the official cause of death and if there were any causes other than the suspected hyperthermia / heat stroke that was the cause of this little girl’s death.

The family placed Haley Brockington in the hands of the day care center in the morning only to find out she was dead later that day. There were be several legal issues involved in a death of this nature including the following:

What was the official cause of death?

Who was responsible for the transportation of the children?

Did the day care center have a checklist or procedure in place for removing children from the van?

Who was responsible for taking roll call or attendance of the children in the facility?

Where the van parked during the time period that the child was left in the van?

What training did the staff have in transporting children? caring for children?

Was the death avoidable?

Will criminal charges be pursued through the State Attorney’s Office?

The temperature high for South Florida was 91 degrees at the time of the incident. Since the temperature in a vehicle can be quite higher for a child left in a vehicle without air conditioning, there is a strong likelihood that the child died from hyperthermia. You can read more about this story at Child Found Dead in South Florida Day Care Center Van.

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