Who Is Liable for Damages and Compensation When a Child Is Accidentally Shot in Florida?


In Florida and other States, children are the unfortunate victims of accidental shootings. When a person owns or has possession or control of a firearm, it is important for the person to be a responsible adult and safeguard the gun against use or access by children. Furthermore, when cleaning, handling, or shooting a gun, it should be done with all safety precautions. People have the right to own and maintain possession of the firearms / guns for their protection and for recreation through hunting and target shooting. However, with gun ownership comes great responsibility.

When a child is an unfortunate victim of an accidental shooting, there may be legal case or insurance claim pursued on behalf of the injured child. When there is an accidental shooting of a child, some cases are criminally prosecuted through the State Attorney and local sheriff’s office or police department.

The criminal case is different than a civil case brought on behalf of the injured child by the parents or guardians. Pursuing a civil case for the victim of an accidental shooting can be quite complex. Because of this, it is important for the family of the injured child to retain the services of a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for consultation, advice, and legal representation.

In evaluating and assessing a potential case or claim for accidental shooting, a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer will assess, evaluate, and consider the location of the shooting, the owner of the guy, the availability of liability insurance, the circumstances in which the gun was shot, the involvement of any business or nonprofit agency, the injuries sustained by the child, the availability of medical coverage, and other factors. When considering the pursuit of a civil case or claim, there are often practical and legal factors considered by the attorney evaluating the potential claim or case. Is there homeowners insurance that covers a gunshot injuries? Is there liability insurance that covers the gunshot injuries? Is there a long standing personal or familial relationship that would make the claim or case complicated from a moral or personal standpoint?

A recent accidental shooting was reported in St. Petersburg Florida. A registered gun owner was handling the gun at a church when the gun accidentally discharged. The incident oddly took place at a church where a person usually is provided a safe haven against injury and harm. Accidents do happen but can be prevented or reduced through gun safety and protocol in some instances. See Accidental Shooting at St. Petersburg, Florida Church.

This new story shows that accidental shooting take place just about any where. It all has to do with the handling safeguards. When a child is injured as a result of an accidental shooting, a parent has many concerns and issues to deal with. It is important for a parent to get an understanding of the law and practicalities of pursuing a potential claim or case on behalf of the injured child.

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