Which Automobile Insurance Policy Pays for Medical Bills of an Injured Child Passenger Following a Florida Automobile Accident?


In Florida, when a child is injured as a passenger in an automobile accident, there may be several automobile insurance policies available to pay benefits or that have coverage for accident related personal injuries. Because the issues of insurance can be quite confusing, it is often times helpful for the parents of the injured child passenger to consult with a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice, recommendations, and legal representation. Here are some of the potential sources of payment under an automobile insurance policy that may pay medical bill benefits for injured child:

Parent’s Automobile Insurance. If the injured child does not own his or her own motor vehicle, the injured child may qualify for medical bill coverage under the parent’s automobile insurance policy which is otherwise referred to as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical Payment (Med Pay). This assumes that a parent owns an automobile and that a parent has automobile insurance coverage for that vehicle.

Resident Relative’s Automobile Insurance. A child may qualify for coverage under the automobile insurance policy of a resident relative. This will depend on the availability or lack of availability of coverage under a policy maintained by a parent. It will also depend on the policy language of the resident relative who is not a parent.

Automobile Insurance for Motor Vehicle Occupied by the Child Passenger. If there is no available coverage under a parent’s or resident relative’s automobile insurance policy, then the injured child may qualify for benefits under the policy maintained on the vehicle occupied by the child passenger.

Health Insurance and Other Benefits. If the child passenger has health insurance or government benefits like Medicaid, these sources of payment may cover medical bills if there is no PIP carried by the parents, resident relatives, and / or by the driver or vehicle owner of the motor vehicle occupied by the injured child passenger. If there is PIP or Med Pay coverage, health insurance or government benefits may pay for medical bills that are not otherwise covered by automobile insurance.

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