When Should a Florida Personal Injury Hired for an Injured Child?


When should a Florida Personal Injury Attorney be hired for a child’s personal injury claim? When a child is injured as a result of an automobile accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident, a parent is often faced with the question as follows:

When should an attorney be hired for the injured child?

The simple answer to this question is “as soon as possible and practical.” It is important for parents to understand the rights and remedies of the injured hild following an accident in the State of Florida.

Florida Child Injury Lawyers handle these cases of contingency basis and provide for a free consultation to parents regarding these matters. Because of this, a parent will not need to pay any money to consult with the lawyer. If the personal injury lawyer believes that it is a case that has merit and can likely result in compensation for the injured child, the Florida Child Injury Lawyer will typically will accept representation and proceed forward with the case. Of course obtaining medical care is the most important obligation of the parent when a child is injured. Thereafter, the parent can address the issues of legal representation, insurance benefits, and ongoing medical treatment.

When a child is injured, there are many pressures initially placed on the parent. Many insurance companies will contact the parent soon after the accident to obtain a statement and information regarding the accident and related injuries. Prior to providing the insurance company with a statement – whether it is the other driver’s insurance company or the parent’s insurance company – the parent should consult with a Florida Child Injury Lawyer as to the appropriate course of action.

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