When a Child Drowns – The Legal Consequences in Florida


Florida is a warm weather State that has swimming pools in virtually every community. Swimming pools can be locations of great fun, exercise, and family time. Unfortunately, at times, swimming pools can also be sites of serious personal injuries and even the tragic death of a child. Property owners with swimming pools should use their resaonable and necessary efforts to secure the swimming pool area. Children are naturally curious and do not always appreciate the dangers of swimming pools. Every year, chilren are the unfortunate victims of drownings at home, hotels, day care centers, resorts, and other locations. Even a few seconds of inattention and a few inches of water can be a formula for danger, serious personal injuries, and even the death of a child.

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Water safety courses and swimming instructions are available in most communities through the YMCA, schools, and other communited based locations. Children should be enrolled in swim classes as soon as possible and practical. Furthermore, swimming pool owners should survey their pools to make sure that pool are is fenced or otherwise secured to keep children out of or away from the pool area when there is no adult supervision in place.

When a child dies or is injured as a result of a Florida drowning incident, there can be legal consequences civilly and criminally. If a child dies while under the supervision of a friend, neighbor, family member (other than a parent), day care center, school, summer camp, or other person / business, a civil action or claim can be pursued against the responsible person / business. Damages can be sought for medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and for loss of companionship. In some instances, criminal charges are brought against a person (even a parent) when a child dies as a result of negligence.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a recent drowning was reported of a 2 year old girl. The drowning took place at the family home. The little girl was taken to Shands Jacksonville where she was later pronounced death. The loss of this girl will be felt throughout the family and community. See 2 year Old Girl Drowned in Florida Backyard Swimming Pool.

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