What Types of Distracted Driving Causes Accidents? What are the Legal Rights of Injury Victims?


In Florida and Other States, children, as drivers, passengers, bicyclists, or pedestrians, are put at risk every day due to distracted driving. Over the past few years, the mobile phone and especially smart phones like the iPhone, Droid, and others have further distracted drivers. Whether the driver is talking on the mobile phone, reading through a site or message, or worst of all – texting or typing an e-mail, the use of the smart phone can serve as a distraction for drivers who need to pay close attention to traffic conditions, weather, and, yes, the presence of children. Of course, the use of a smart phone is just one of many types of activities that drivers engaged in that take their eyes and attention off of the road. Other types of activities while driving that cause distraction include the following:


Reading a map;

Adjusting and inputing information into a GPS;

Grooming including hair brushing and shaving;

Adjusting or playing with radio, MP3, and other audio items;

Watching a video; and

Other Activities.

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