What Tricks and Schemes are Used by Child Predators and Molesters?


Child molesters and abusers are masters at deception, lies, misrepresentations, and trickery. Some lies are big ones while other lies are small ones the mission. Whatever the extent of the lie, the mission of the molester is the still the same – to lure a child into a trap and then abuse, molest, and / or assault the child.

Lost Dog Scheme
One tactic (of many) used by child abusers or molesters is the “lost dog scheme”. A child molester or predator will cruise around town and try to locate a child to supposedly “help” the predator find a “lost dog”. While dogs are frequently lost or missing in the community, a dog owner can look for his or her dog on his or her own or with the help of adults. A child should be instructed to stay away from strangers even if the stranger seems to need help finding a dog or doing some other good deed. While it is a tough lesson to teach a child, it is a very important one that can save the child from harm’s way and, in some instances, serious personal injuries and even death. Child molesters and predators are not always strangers to the child. Some are family friends and some are even family members. As such, the advice to stay away from strangers does not fit every situation of a child put at risk by a molester or child abuser.

Modeling, Singing, or Acting Opportunity
Another tactic or scheme used to lure a child into the trap set by a child abuser or molester is one involving a modeling or acting opportunity. Whether the abuser or molester has a camera, video camera, studio, recording studio, the scheme is similar. The molester or abuser will tell the child and, in some instances, the parents that there is an opportunity to model, act, or sing and along the way get famous or make money. Some predators act as or actually are agents or otherwise involved in the modeling, acting, or recording industry. Other predators are just complete frauds and have no role whatsoever in the industry and only use these tactics to molest children.

Children and adults should be wary of any scheme in which money is promised for modeling, acting or any other supposed “talent”. Certainly not all photographers or people in the modeling business act maliciously or use these positions of trust to take advantage of children. Parents should make sure credentials are checked and make sure that a child is never left alone in the presence of others. See Man Who Promised Modeling Jobs to Children Sentenced to 30 Year Prison Sentence.

Gifts, Vacations, Clothing, or Other Items.
Another mode or scheme used by child predators is a friendship based in part on generosity, gifts, vacations, clothing, and other items. Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish between an act of pure kindness and one meant to unduly influence a child to engage in lurid acts or to keep lurid acts a secret.

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