What To Do for Child Sports Injuries? Tips for Assessing Injuries


In Jacksonville, Florida and the rest of the Sunshine State, children are injured every day playing sports in school and at the local park. I recently read a great article that gave simple but informative tips on assessing or evaluating the child to determine the severity of the injury. Ideally, it would be best if there was a doctor on the spot for every injury. However, this is not realistic. As such, every day coaches, parents, and volunteers must assess the injury to determine if it is just a minor bruise or bruise to the body and / or ego OR if medical attention / evaluation is necessary. You can read the article at What To Do for Child Sports Related Injuries? I thought that the tips for coaches were especially on point which included the following:

*Work on stretching and conditioning exercises especially early in the sports season;
*Pay attention to the heat and make sure that the players get enough water;
*Do not deprive children of water as a way of punishment;
*Be aware of the medical history and condition of the child; and
*Always have a First Aid Kit available at practices and games.

Safety should be the number one priority for all child sports related activities. A big win at the expense of a child’s health is no win at all.

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