What Should I Do If My Special Needs Child Is Injured in a Florida Day Care Center?


In Florida, special needs children at times suffer injuries on playgrounds located at schools, day care centers, parks, and other locations. When a special needs child suffers a personal injury in a playground, a parent is often faced with many challenges in concerns. A number of questions and issues are raised when a special needs child is injured while under the care and supervision of others.

*How was the special needs child injured?

*Could the injuries that were sustained on the playground have been avoided?

*What supervision was provided to the special needs child?

A person or facility undertaking the responsibility to supervise and provide care for a special needs child should have an understanding of the child needs and abilities. This is especially important when the special needs child is on or near a playground. Some of the equipment on the playground may be perfectly suitable for the special needs child. Depending on the child, some forms of playground equipment may be beyond the child’s abilities if proper assistance or supervision is not provided. For instance, monkey bars maybe extremely difficult for a particular special-needs child to transverse. If the special needs child is using the monkey bars, it may be appropriate for that particular child to have one-to-one assistance. When a special needs child is injured on the playground, there may be a claim or legal case to pursue on the special-needs child behalf. Each case must be evaluated on its own its own merits. Just because a special needs child is injured on a playground does not mean that there is a case or claim to pursue. Whether not there is a viable legal claim to pursue should not be decided alone by the parent. A Florida child personal injury lawyer should be contacted to review the facts and circumstances of the injuries and the relevant Florida laws in place.

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