What Should I Do If My Special Needs Child is Injured in a Florida School?


In Florida, special needs children are admitted and enrolled in public schools and private schools. When a school accepts a special needs child for enrollement, the school staff and administration should be well aware of the requirements and abilities of the special needs student well advance of the child’s admission into the school. Because of this, staffing and other accommodations should be arranged and coordinated in advance and put in place for the education and supervision of the special needs child. The safety of the special needs child should be given top priority. Teachers, aides, and school administrators should put in place safety precautions so that injuries are prevented or at least limited in the school setting for the special needs child.

Unfortunately, many special needs children are injured in the school setting due to improper supervision, unfafe classrooms, unsafe playground equipment, and, in some instances, due to bullying acts of other students and / or even staff members. An understanding of the special needs child education plan is vital for all staff members involved with the supervision of the child. This includes teachers, aides, administrators, cafeteria support staff, bus drivers, and other staff members.

When a special needs child is injured in the school setting, a parent is often faced with many challenges and concerns. The book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has chapters on School Injuries, Day Care Center Injuries, Playground Injuries, and other topics. A parent of a special needs child can obtain this book for free at the The ABCs of Child Injury. When a child is injured in a school setting due to the negligence of the school, the parent should contact a Florida child injury attorney for legal advice and representation.

A Florida child personal injury lawyer can assist the parent with the issues of liability, medical bills, pain, suffering, lots of enjoyment of life, and other issues that arise with respect to these legal matters. It is important that the special needs child is represented by a child injury lawyer so that compensation is obtained for these damages and actions are taken in the future so that the special needs child is better supervised and protected in the school setting.

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