What Should Be Done When a Child Is Molested by a Predator or Sex Offender?


In Florida, children continue to be victims of sex offenders and child predators. When a child is abused or neglected in such a manner,there may be three or more types of proceedings that result:

Criminal Proceedings. The local sherifff’s office, police department, investigators, Department of Children and Familiies and / of State Attorney’s office typically coordinate efforts and information regarding potential criminal investigation and proseuction of the crimes committed against the child. If there is probable cause combined with a number of other considerations, then the State Attorney will make the decision as to a arrest and criminal prosecution of the alleged sex offender and / or child predator.

Administrative / Licensing Proceedings. If the incident(s) took place at a school, day care facility, or other location subject to government licensure or oversight, there may be an administrative proceeding or licensing proceeding against the individual and / or facility. The administrative / licensing investigation may produce information and documentation that can be used for the criminal and / or civil proceeding.

Civil Proceedings. The parents of the child victim may be able to pursue a civil claim or case against the sex offender / child predator and / or the facility that employed the predator / offender or allowed the predator / offender to have access to the child. The case against the child predator / sex offender will require the presentation of evidence. If there is a criminal case, information / evidence from the criminal case may be used in the civil case or proceedings. As for the facility, school, day care center, and / or other employer of the sex offender / child predator, the elements of the civil case will require a showing of negligence. In other words, there must be a showing that the negligence or carelessness of the day care centers, school, or other facility was a cause or proximate cause of the incident. The basic elements of most negligence cases involving the proof of the following:

1. Duty;
2. Breach of Duty;
3. Causation; and
4. Damages.

The evaluation, analysis, and pursuit of a civil case or claim against a sex offender / child predator and / or a school, day care center, or other facility can be quite complicated. Because of this, it is important a parent of an injured child to consult with a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice and possible legal representation.

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