What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken When Operating ATVs and Four Wheelers?


This topic came to mind just recently as I was driving through my residential neighborhood. I saw a four wheel ATV vehicle being driven at a high rate of speed by two teenagers. It was dark out and the ATV was being operated on the sidewalk. The operation of the ATV was dangerous in that it was being driven on a sidewalk, it was moving at a high rate of speed, the ATV lacked headlights, and the operator and occupant of the ATV were not wearing helmets. The operation of the ATV was also a danger to other motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and especially any children that may be in the area. While ATV vehicles may be great fun for children and teenagers, this fun often time comes at the risk of serious personal injuries and even a wrongful death of occupants, pedestrians, or bicyclist involved in a Florida ATV Accident. Owners and operators of ATVs should make sure that the vehicles are operated in a designated area where they do not present danger to pedestrians and bicyclists or other drivers. Furthermore ATV activities should be limited to a certain age group, should be supervised at all times, and should always involve safe speeds, safe terrain, and helmets.

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