What is the Guiding Stars program in Jacksonville Florida for Day Care Centers?


Guiding Stars of Duval is a quality rating improvement system for children learning centers, operated by the Early Learning Coalition of Duval. Guiding Stars establishes guidelines and provides ongoing support for those child development and learning centers that are dedicated to providing quality care to the children. Quality childcare is given by providers who understand a child’s learning skills / abilities begin at birth, employ a variety of teaching methods, provide a safe and welcoming environment for the children, engage the child in “hands-on” experiences, and involve the child’s parents and families. Research has shown that children who receive quality child care during their early developmental periods are more prepared for school, are more likely to have high achievements in math and read, and are more likely graduate and attend a 4-year university of college.

How It Works:
The centers participating in Guiding Stars are evaluated by a team of early learning professions in the areas of:
– Environmental Structure
– Ratio/Group Size
– Quality Staff Development
– Curriculum
– Parent/Family Involvement.

The participating centers receive a rating to indicate its degree of quality. The system is based on a 5-star rating and each star represents an increasing level of quality care. The number of stars a center receives is a good indicator of the quality care provided. However, teach should also look at the ratings in specific categories to better suit their needs and desires. Centers who participate in this program exceed the standard licensing requirements required by the state. For more see Guiding Stars of Duval.

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