What is Done About Dirty and Unsafe Hotels in Orlando / Central Florida?


What is done about dirty and unsafe hotels in Orlando / Central Florida? Over the years, I have visited Orlando with my family and on business a great many times. Personally, I have stayed at or visited hotels from the very nice to the very scary. Pulling into one hotel late at night many years ago, I saw the flashing of police lights and the presence of officers in the hotel lobby. I asked the front desk clerk what happened. She said that a woman threw her boyfriend out of the plate glass window of her room. I was concerned and asked if this was the first time that this sort of incident happened. The clerk said, “No – not at all – it happens all of the time.”. This is one hotel that I have not returned to. Since many hotel is unsafe, dirty or poorly maintained, parents and other guests in the hotel area should be careful about the selection of a hotel. The Orlando Sentinel recently published an article that reported on the problems with dirty hotels and hotels that were not in compliance with hotel regulations. The investigation seemed to indicate that violations were documented by officials but no real punishments or fines were levied in many instances if corrective action was taken. You can read more about this story at Does Florida Lack Teeth in Punishing Dirty Hotels?