What if a Child is Burned at a Florida Day Care Center?


In Jacksonville, Florida and other communities, parents reply on day care centers to provide a safe educational environment for their children. Unfortunately, at times, children are injured at day care centers. Some personal injuries result from negligence while others incidents are unforeseeable and (from a practical standpoint) unpreventable. When a child is injured at a Florida Day Care Center, the owners and operators of the day care center are not automatically liable or responsible when a child is injured at a day care center. Like other types of personal injury cases, the following elements must be proved:

1. Duty;
2. Breach of Duty;
3. Causation; and
4. Damages.

Proving the above elements can be complicated and challenging at times. Because of this, it is often helpful to have a Florida Child Injury Lawyer review the facts and circumstances when a child is injured at a day care center or during activities supervised by a day care center.

A child injury was recently reported at A Child’s Chaice Daycare located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Florida Department of Children and Families is investigating an incident in which a child suffered burn personal injuries at this day care center. An infant (11 months old) was burned by a bottle warmer while under the care of this day care center.
to heat the child’s bottle. The caregiver stated that the caregiver was startled by the child and accidentally dropped a heated bottle on the child which, in turn, burned the child. You can read more about this incident at Infant Burned While Under the Care of a Jacksonville Florida Day Care Center.

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