What Damages are Awardable in a Case for Child Abuse or Molestation?


When a child is abused or molested, a civil case may be pursued against the Defendant individually and possibly against a school, day care center, after school program, or other organization that employed or had a duty to supervise the Defendant who committed the horrendous acts against the child. In a civil case, there are two types of damages that can generally pursued: 1. Economic Damages; and 2. Non-Economic Damages.

Economic Damages. This refers to bills, expenses, and costs related to the injuries or harm caused by the acts of the Defendant. Economic Damages can be awarded for past bills and expenses and future bills and expenses reasonably related to the acts of the Defendant. For instnace, past medical bills and counseling expenses would be examples of economic damages. Often times, expert testimony is necessary to establish the need and reasonableness of the medical and counseling bills in the past and to be incurrein the future.

Non-Economic Damages. This refers to pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish and other damages reasonably related to the harm caused to the child as a result of the abuse and molestation of the child. In most States including Florida, there is no formula in place that sets forth the minimum or maxium damages for such cases except for cases against a government entity.

Cases involving the molestation or abuse of a child can be quite complicated especially when valuing the case and seeking damages for the injured child. Because of this, it is often helpful to get the advice, consultation, and legal representation from a Florida Child Injury Lawyer.

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