What Claims for Minors Require the Appoointment of a Guardian Ad Litem?


In Florida, the process of approving a settlement for a minor child is governed by Section 744.3025, Florida Statutes, other statutes, and other cases. A Judge has discretion under the Florida Statutes to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem when the gross settlement exceeds $15,000 and is under $50,0000. For claims or settlements that equal or exceed $50,000, the Judge must appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the child’s interest and to review the fairness of the settlement to the minor child.

When a child suffers an injury as a result of an automobile accident, slip and fall, school injury, day care center injury, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, or other cause, it is important that the rights of the child are protected and enforced to the fullest extent under Florida law. Often times, it is helpful to have the advice, consultation, and representation by a Florida Child Injury Attorney in these matters.

In most instances, the Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the Judge is a local attorney with experience in personal injury cases and / or guardianship cases. In reviewing a settlement for the minor, it is the best interests of the minor child that matters the most. A review of the settlement will involve an assessment of the liability, past medical bills, future medical bills, medical care to date, future medical care, and the permanency (if any) of the injuries.

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