What Are the Safety Tips to Follow In or Near School Zones?


In Florida and other States, school zones are typically well marked by signage, traffic control devices, and other warnings to drivers to slow down and drive safe. It has been reported that over 33,000 children are evaluated and treated in emergency rooms each year for pedestrian related personal injuries. Because of the number of injuries and the risks to children, school zones typically have 15 miles per hour speed limit posted and in and around schools. In addition to slowing down and travelling at or below the posted speed limits, drivers should:

• Be on the watch for children running into the street or darting between stopped vehicles;

• Bring the vehicle to a complete stop at stop signs and red traffic signals;

• Limit driver distractions while driving in school zones including those related to the use of mobile phones and smart phones;

• Look both ways and be on the look out for children at crosswalks and other areas near the school; and

•Plan ahead for drops offs and pick ups so that you are not in a hurry to get to work or your next destination.

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