What Are the Risks and Dangers of Medications to Children at Day Care Centers, Schools, and Homes?


A common item in most schools, day care centers, and homes put children at risk for serious personal injuries and even death in some instances. It is the medicine cabinet, container, drawer, or bottle. Tragically, children are the unfortunate victims of accidental overdoses of medication which, in turn, require emergency medical care and result in serious injuries or death. While over the past 40 years, the number of deaths from medication poisonings have decreased – the number of incidents of child poisonings have increased.

Because of the significant risks presented by medication poisoning, it is important for parents, babysitters, day care center providers, teachers, and other caregivers to safeguard medications. It is estimated that over 160 children are seen in emergency rooms every day for medication poisoning incidents. It is especially important to safeguard medications from young children who can mistake medication for candy in some instances. See also Up and Out of the Way – Keep Medications Out of the Reach of Children.

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