What Are the Rights of Children Molested or Abused by a Teacher or Child Care Provider?


In Florida and other States, child molesters and sex offenders seem to follow a similar pattern of sorts. Many predators go right to the location and occupation filled with children. Whether it is a teacher, coach, or other child care provider, it is an unfortunate fact that many predators and offenders seek positions of trust with the plan, intent, and desire to harm a child under their care and supervision. As parents, it is a shame that we cannot rest easy and know (with certainty) that each and every teacher, child care provider, and coach is a trustworthy, honest, and caring person. While most are, there are certain elements in many communities who wreak havoc on the lives of young people and their families. When the truth comes to light, there are often lives ruined or at least forever affected by the bad acts of the sexual predators and offenders.

Certainly, the child molester and offender should face criminal charged for the criminal acts perpetrated against the child. The arrest and criminal prosecution of an offender will depend on the evidence and investigation of the State Attorney and the Sheriff’s Office. In many instances, many years have gone by since the incident. In these cases, it may prove more difficult to gather evidence and prove the case against the predator. In addition to a criminal prosecution, the family of the injured child can seek out the services of a Florida Child Injury Attorney for consultation, advice, and possible legal representation. The pursuit of a civil legal case will depend on a number of factors including the evidence, facts, circumstances, availability of insurance coverage, and other factors. A civil case may be pursued against the sexual offender. There may also be a case to pursue against the school, school district, and others if there was negligence in the manner in hiring the teacher and / or supervising the teacher.

In Jacksonville, Florida a teacher was recently charged with sexual attacks on children at hotels. The Jacksonville Times Union reported that Michael Lloyd Worrell, age 61 was charged with two counts of capital sexual battery, one count of lewd and lascivious conduct, and two counts of sexual battery involving custodial authority. It was reported that the incidents took place between the years of 2006 and 2012. The victims at the times of the incident were between the ages of 9 and 13. You can read more about this story at Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida Teacher Charged with Sex Acts. Mr. Worrell will be entitled to defend himself against the criminal charges by a local criminal defense attorney or the Public Defender’s office. Since there were multiple alleged victims, it will be an interesting and important case to follow and see what happens.

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