What Are the Rights of a Child Molested or Improperly Touched by a Teacher, Aide, or Counselor in Florida?


When a child is enrolled in a school, day care center, summer camp, or sports program, the child should be cared for and supervised in an environment that focuses on the best interests and safety of the child. Unfortunately, some child care providers, teachers, aides, and counselors prey on the very children that they have the legal responsibility to protect and supervise. When a child is assaulted, molested, or improperly touched by a counselor, teacher, aide, coach or other person, there may be both a criminal and civil case pursued due to the “bad” acts of the wrongdoer otherwise known as the civil tortfeasor or the criminal defendant. In addition, there may be a case to pursue against the school, organization, facility, day care center, or other institution that hired and emloyed the wrongdoer.

Due to the complexities of cases of this nature, the parents / guardians of the child victim should speak to a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation. Typically, there are many legal and practical issues to deal with on cases of this nature. While the acts may be heinous and unforgiveable, it is not always easy or practical to pursue a civil case for the damages or injuries sustained by the child. Of course, the most important thing to to bring the wrongdoer to justice and keep the wrongdoer away from other children. Any child put at risk by the acts of a child predator is too many. When the evidence supports the case, predators are taken off the streets and removed from schools through the investigation and efforts of the school, the Florida Department of Children and Families, and local law enforcement.

A recent criminal investigation was reported in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jacksonville Times Union reported that a local teacher, who was a past Teacher of the Year recipient, has been charged with sex crimes committed against a child under the age of 12. The teaacher has been identified as Christopher Bacca who has worked with children at MOSH (Museum of Science & History), Long Branch Elementary School, Windy Hill Elementary School, and Riverside Presbyterian Church. Of course, Mr. Bacca, under Florida law, will be entitled to defend himself from the criminal charges. For more information regarding this investigation and story, see Duval County Teacher Faces Criminal Charges for Sex Crimes.

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