What Are the Rights and Issues Involving a School Bus Accident in St. Johns County Florida?


Throughout the school year, school buses are commonly seen on St. Johns County roads, streets, and highways. Even into the summer months, school buses are present in St. Johns County. It is important that school bus drivers avoid driver’s distraction and use their best efforts to drive the buses. Due to the size of the typical yellow school bus, it can sometimes be a challenge to drive or operate the school bus. When there is a school bus / vehicle in St. Johns County (Florida) or other locations, the impact of the accident can result in serious personal injuries and, in some cases, even the death of drivers and / or passengers of the school bus or other vehicles.

When an adult or a child is injured in a school bus accident, there are often times many questions or issues that arise. It can be quite challenging to deal with the aftermath and complications resulting from a Florida school bus accident including medical care, medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, therapy, surgery, and other expenses. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer / Florida Personal Injury Lawyer can assist an injury victim and the family with these issues and many others that arise following a Florida School Bus Accident. It is vital that emergency and urgent medical care is provided to the injury victim. Thereafter, it is important that the victim get the necessarily medical care and diagnostic testing for the accident related injuries.

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Each case must be evaluated on its own merits. In some school bus accident cases, the school bus driver is at fault. In other cases, the fault belongs to the other driver. Then again, sometimes, the accident is caused by comparative fault of more than one drivers involved in the accident. In St. Johns County, Florida, a school bus accident may be investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol and / or the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. While the conclusions and report by the investigating police agency is important to review, these findings do not necessarily control the pursuit of an insurance claim or case by an injury victim.

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