What Are the Legal Rights of a Child Pedestrian Injured in the State of Florida?


In Florida, children are pedestrians in virtually every part of the community. The climate and of Florida allow for outdoor activity throughout the year. Because of this, children often participate in outside activities including bicycling, walking, and playing throughout any given community in the State of Florida. When a child is walking to or from activities or is just playing in the neighborhood, there are risks and dangers to the children from passing vehicles. It is vital that drivers be on the look out for children walking and / or playing in the area. If the child is hit or injured by a motor vehicle, the child may have a legal right or claim / case to pursue against the driver and owner of the vehicle. When a child is injured as a pedestrian, it is advisable that the police are called in order to obtain witness statements and document the incident. Furthermore, the presenceof police officers can help coordinate the provision of emergency medical services to the injured child.

Following an accident involving a motor vehicle and injured child pedestrian, a parent should take all precautions to get the child the medical care needed for the personal injuries. Photographs of any visible injuries should be taken as soon as practical.

Because of the complexities of Florida law regarding liability, fault, insurance and other matters, a parent of an injured child pedestrian should contact a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation. An injured child pedestrian in Florida may be entitled to medical benefits through PIP (Personal Injury Protection), Med Pay (Medical Payment) coverage, Bodily Injury coverage, and/or Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage.

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