What Are the Dangers of Retention Ponds to Children?


In Florida, there are dangers in many communities and neighborhoods. Retention ponds can and are dangerous to small children, teenagers ,and even adults. Tragically, there are drowning injuries and deaths that take place in Florida retention ponds. Many such ponds do not have fencing to keep small children from wandering into the areas. Is there a duty to have fencing around a retention pond? Like many legal cases, the duty depends on the property ownership and the facts / circumstances of the incident. A fence and proper barrier can help prevent many tragic incidents from taking place. In addition, it is always good to have consistent and timely supervision in place for children any time that a home, school, or day care center is near an area of water like a retention pond, lake, canal, river, ocean, or swimming pool.

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In Bradenton, Florida, a tragic and unfortunate death was recently reported. The Associated Press reported that a 5 year old girl drowned in a retention pond near her home. Divers from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office were called to service to retrieve the little girl’s body. See 5 Year Old Girl Drowns in Bradenton Florida Retention Pond.

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