What are the Dangers of Driveways and Back Over Accidents to Children?


In Florida and other States, there is a dangerous area in every single neighborhood. The dangerous area is the driveway. Unfortunately, children are hit by cars and suffer personal injuries and even die as a result of driveway and back over accidents. Because of these incidents and risks to children, drivers should be very careful and drive at a very slow speed when entering or departing from any driveway area. Children should be closely monitored at the home and kept out of driveways at all times possible. Children are at risks due to their lack of safety awareness, height, blind spots to drivers, limited vision of drivers, and other factors.

When a child is injured as a pedestrian in a driveway, crosswalk, parking lot, or other area, there may be a case or claim to pursue on behalf of the injured child. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer can help the parents review the police report, insurance policies, and then proceed on behalf of the injured child for compensation and damages.

A recent driveway accident was reported in Orlando, Florida. Tragically, Aunjay Grice, age 3, was hit by a vehicle while he was in the driveway. He had been playing with his 8 year old sister. The Florida Highway Patrol responded to the scene and will further investigate the accident. You can read more about this story at Orlando Back Over Accident Leads to Serious Personal Injuries of 3 Year Old.

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