What Are the Dangers and Risks of Playgrounds and Obstacle Courses at Schools?


At most schools and community centers, there are playgrounds. At some, there are even obstacle courses. On most days, children have fun and enjoy their time outside. With proper supervision and maintenance, playgrounds are great places for children to play. Unfortunately, at times, playgrounds are the sites of serious personal injuries and even the death of a child. There are risks and dangers involved with playground activities. One such danger is the risk of strangulation due to ropes and other areas in which a child’s head may be caught or trapped. There are a number of reasons that a child is injured or or near a playground including improper design of the playground, improper maintenance of the playground, lack of supervision, lack of fencing or enclosure of the playground, and other reasons. It is important that property owners and school administrators maintain and periodically evaluate playground areas to check for items of disrepair or playground equipment that could harm a child during normal use and play. While not every injury or incident is necessarily preventable, all reasonable, necessary, and practical efforts should be taken to make the playground area as safe as possible for children.

A recently tragedy was reported in Jacksonville, Florida. It involved a 10 year old boy who was playing on a rope swing at the Bolles Batram Middle School. It was reported by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that the boy was at the school while his older brother was at football practice. The incident took place on an obstacle course area. Since the obstracle course was at a middle school, it may have been designed for use of older children than the child who was playing in the area. Prior to the incident at issue, the boy was playing with his sister. She was the first to notice that her brother was unresponsive. See 8 Year Old Boy Suffers Serious Personal Injuries at the Bolles Middle School.

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