What Are the Consequences to a Dog Owner After An Attack by a Dog in Alachua County, Florida?


In Alachua County (Gainesville, Archer, Alachua, and Waldo) Florida, a dog owner can be criminal prosecuted for a dog bite for violations of Section 72.18 – Alachua County Florida Animal Services Ordinance.

If a dog had not been previously determined to be a dangerous dog but the owner knew about the dangerous propensities of the dog and was reckless in its supervision and control of the dog, then the dog owner may be prosecuted for a second degree misdemeanor. A dog owner can even be prosecuted as a felony when the injuries are serious and the dog had been previously designated as a dangerous dog.

You can read about the consequences to a dog owner after a dog attack and other provisions and other provisions of the Ordinance at Alachua County, Florida Animal Services Ordinance.