What Acts Constitute Fraternity Hazing in the State of Florida?


Students join fraternities and sororities at universities and colleges to be part of an organization to be part of campus life. From sports to academics to socials, the fraternity and sorority experience can be quite positive and beneficial for the students. Unfortunately, many chapters of various fraternities and sororities have traditions of hazing that have been in place for years. The tradition of hazing can be and is dangerous to the students. Many hazing incidents lead to serious personal injuries and even the deaths of students. Any act which aims to harm and / or humiliate a student can be deemed an act of hazing. When a student is hazed, the student and / or parents should review the university policies and procedures as well as the state laws on point. At times, law enforcement and / or university officials are contacted about hazing incidents. One way to stop or at least prevent the incidents of hazing is to report these acts and let the officials take steps to discipline or punish the wrongdoers.

The day and age of paddling should be over. The use of paddles should be banned. Paddling is often associated with corporal punishment in public and private schools. It is also associated to some extent with fraternity and sorority tradition. It was reported by the Gainesville Sun that members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity have been accused of hazing activities relating to paddling and thunderslap incidents. A police report was completed by the University of Florida Police Department. Charges have been filed against 10 fraternity members. See University of Florida – Alpha Phi Alpha – Paddling Incidents.

When a child / student is injured or harmed as a result of hazing or another incident, it is often times helpful to discuss the matter with a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal representation. A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer can advise the student and / or parents about the rights of the student / child and the laws in place that allow for the pursuit and collection of compensation for personal injuries.

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