West Palm Beach, Florida — Pregnant Woman (Aubrey Opdyke) Loses Baby (Parker Christine Opdyke) to Swine Flu


Mild flu symptoms turned into a tragedy for West Palm Beach, Florida resident Christine Opdyke and her family. The pregnant woman was hospitalized with Swine Flu, and ended up spending nearly four months in the hospital. Sometime during her life and death battle, doctors delivered her daughter, Parker Christine Opdyke, by emergency C-section, even though the pregnancy was only 27 weeks along. The child died within minutes of delivery, possibly from side-effects of the medications given to her mother.

On October 1st of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that of the likely millions of cases of Swine Flu in the United States, 100 pregnant women had been sent to intensive care by the disease, and 28 of them have died. Pregnant women are at a disadvantage when contracting the disease because pregnancy suppresses the immune system. Ms. Opdyke has come forward to warn other pregnant women of the dangers and encourage them to get vaccinated and not to ignore flu symptoms. Unlike other families who have lost loved ones to the disease, they are not planning to sue anyone. They believe that their physicians and the hospital did everything they could have to help them.

You can read more about this family and their ordeal at Flu Story: A Pregnant Woman’s Ordeal. </a