West Palm Beach, Florida – Mother (Ivana Linic) Convicted of Starving Her Son (Nehemiah Chavis) to Death


Ivana Linic, age 23, of West Palm Beach, Florida was convicted of starving her 5-month-old son to death. She may be sentenced to as many as fifteen years in prison. Linic claimed that she fed the baby adequately, but the child’s autopsy results showed that he had only gained two pounds in the five months since his birth. The father, who was not named, reportedly told police that Linic was angry about having a baby and had asked him to take care of the child. He did not accept the responsibility, due to his own struggles with substance abuse.

Newborn children are totally reliant on adults to care for them. When the adults are unable to do so, the results are often tragic. Parents who are unprepared or unable to take care of their own children should reach out for help rather than taking it out on their child. You can find out more about Nehemiah Chavis at Florida Mother Convicted of Starving Child to Death.